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In the pre-kindergarten room you will find children encouraged to continue helping themselves get dressed, eat and express what their needs are. Teachers explore more in-depth math and science concepts and strive to increase the children’s vocabulary through the Core Knowledge curriculum. There is lots of reading and creative artwork that goes along with the monthly topics. Free time emphasizes more dramatic play and utilizing their now-perfected ease of running and climbing in the age appropriate playground. It is here that this age group practices their social skills, more peer-to-peer interaction and following rules. Children must be toilet trained to attend the older preschool programs. Parents receive a daily report called “Butterfly Talk” which highlights their child’s learning and activities from each day.

This preschool classroom is where children begin to apply and build on the simple life concepts they have learned to date. Teachers encourage the children to continue to dress themselves, including buttoning and zipping. The Core Knowledge curriculum builds on their vocabulary and helps the children to put paragraphs together and eventually tell short stories. Counting, cause and effect and problem solving skills are introduced during this year.

While playing, the children are guided towards cooperating with others and showing emotions during role playing. Saxon math, science experimentation, music and movement, sensory exploration, and Spanish are all critical parts of their daily/weekly activities. All children in this preschool program are being prepared for their future Kindergarten endeavors.

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