INFANTS PROGRAM (6 weeks – 12 months)

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To secure your spot it would be wise to sign-up right after your 20-week appointment. Space is limited!

Research has proven that babies are capable of learning in the womb and at The Lawton-Taylor Academy we capitalize on their ability to learn at 6 weeks old and beyond. Babies’ brains are developing at a fast pace and we provide a safe, loving and stimulating environment to assist with their development. Our highly qualified infant staff will hold, sing, and cuddle your precious little ones. Our curriculum provides sensory and strength-building activities along with the nurturing the staff gives that develops self-worth, security and satisfies tactile needs. In our infant rooms you will see soft toys, colorful shapes, bulletin boards showing family pictures, and a safe, clean area to crawl. You may also catch our staff reading books out loud, imitating each baby’s babblings, evoking smiles and giggles from them. We are committed to keeping each child’s schedule as consistent as possible and are in constant communication with parents about their baby’s daily activities.